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Growing up in Central

Texas, Tyson Charlson has

not been a stranger to the

spicy foods and the flavors of

Texas cooking. From a young

age, he learned to appreciate

the great tastes, recipes and

culinary skills of his family.


While in college at the University of North Texas,
Tyson’s love for 
spicy foods began when he didn’t have

any ranch dressing for his pizza. So, he decided to add

hot sauce and it was a big hit with his taste buds!


Ever since then, he’s been hooked on spicy foods

and sauces. 


In 2003, Tyson decided to leave his Art Director

position at a Las Colinas, Texas ad agency to pursue

a life on the beach. His destination was Virginia Beach,

Virginia. Struggling to make ends meet, his roommate

offered him a job as a cook at a local restaurant. He was

thrilled to get the offer and have an opportunity to earn

much-needed funds. Little did he know that he was about

to be introduced to a dipping sauce that would change his life!


When Tyson experienced a jalapeno poppers’ dipping sauce

that was a mix of fruit jam and hot sauce served at the restaurant,

he became curious and puzzled by the mix of ingredients and

how they worked together to create such a tantalizing sweet and

spicy taste. This curiosity became the catalyst for what later would become oneof the most unique, flavorful jams you can find. 




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